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Vintage online marketing video 1994: first internet marketing conference with OHP

Posted by annplugged on May 20, 2007

This video film is an example for the long tail use of historical videos reappearing ready for recycling (for fun, for illustration, for ever, what).picture-4.png It is claimed to have been shot at “the first conference ever held that focused exclusively on the commercial potential of the web,” organized by Ken McCarthy and held in November 1994, in San Francisco.

“After introductory remarks by Ken, Marc Andreessen, the 23 year old co-founder of Netscape, describes how the first web browser came into being and shares his vision of the future of the network which was destined to change the world forever.”

Ken – wearing a vintage suit, with a matching tie, a post-hippi beard, and two different paper badges – says: “You produce it, you distribute it… One of the tragedies our media system has been set up so far is that we all have to go through movie companies, film studios, or recording companies, or publishers to get our work done. And they don’t make their decisions based on quality… So let’s get rid of this idea that we are trying to create some alternate world that’s gonna be completely independent from the other media that exist. What we are really trying to do is find a place for the internet amongst all these other existing media. To integrate, and let the different media coordinate and support each other.”

At the beginning Ken’s presentation is exclusively speaking, although there is a slide shown in the background promising to let the talk grow into a keynote presentation aided by visual elements. And it does grow into one by using an overhead projector.

At about half of the recording comes Marc Andreessen VP Tech at Mosaic Communications Corp. (I wonder if he still uses his email address “Technically, Mosaic (and Netscape) today are graphical front ends to distributed interactive information resources over TCP/IP networks.” etc. etc.

Not much surprisingly, in light of today’s internet marketing conferences, the two OHP presentations do not resemble an internet marketing conference with buzz, light and year at all. More techy, more texty. I simply did not have the patience to go through them (more than an hour), but the vintage atmosphere was worth 20 minutes.


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  1. Jeff said

    Nice read at all ;)I loved you written, i’ll be wait for the next article 😉

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