Remixing the routes


Anna Sebestyén at Line marketingHello, my name is Anna. Basically, I enjoy recognizing the need. Recognizing, sharpening the need, and finding solutions. And keep bettering.

The LineMarketing blog is meant to provide platform for discussing ways of remixing the routes and modes of communication, with special regards to online videos, and also, to provide content for construction and debate through selecting marketing videos. Food for thought for you, me, senders, receivers on the line. Enjoy them, and share your views, comments.

If still interested in more details:

My name is Anna Sebestyén.

If I was a blogpost I would tag myself: disruptive technologies, future digital trends and social changes, site development, life long learning and training (kids, adults, SMB, big fish), psycholinguistics, cartoons, children stories (Alice, Lord of the Rings, Neverending Story, His Dark Materials, folk tales etc.), scifi (Gameplayers of Titan, Ubik, The Stars My Destination, etc.), coffee, blogging, languages, recipe hacking, zoo (I never have a chance to see the tapir!), coffee, thoughtprovoking conversations, writing, riding my cruiser style bike, travelling, talking to elderly people how things were different, and did I mention coffee? Hm, this list will never get finished I’m afraid.

I believe in certain miracles, but not in zodiac. I feel a special dedication towards making education and science better – and as I have recognized that many times it is precisely these important areas that underuse marketing, I have stopped teaching and managing educational projects in order to specialize in cutting edge online marketing solutions. After two years of hard work I transformed into an online (primarily paid search) marketing advisor. Now based in New Orleans.

I am also an enthusiastic blogger, just like my husband, Attila ( Blogging has earned me some reputation in Hungary (e.g. got invited as the moderator for the blogsearch discussion at the web 2.2 symposium), and also in the online geek literature of 2-second fames (Techmeme, Blogoscoped). I first started blogging on Newsvine in 2006 April, and I am still grateful for the warm reception of the community.


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